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Competition for the Bank of Spain in Madrid. 1978-1980
Extension of the Bank of Spain headquarters in Madrid. 2001-2006

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Competition for the Bank of Spain in Madrid. 1978-1980
Extension of the Bank of Spain headquarters in Madrid. 2001-2006
Madrid, Spain


  • First prize in the invitational competition called by the Bank of Spain. The challenge was to close off the block of the Bank of Spain by replacing the existing building (an early 20th-century example of the eclecticism of those times, by the architect Lorite). Moneo’s response was to build a corner building with the same language as the existing one, as he understood that the alternative (a contemporary building in late 20th-century style) would not have guaranteed the integrity of the urban block, a clear specification of the client. The project, which focused on defining the perimeter so that all facades would give a sense of unity to the Bank of Spain, would not be carried out until the beginning of the 21st century, with considerable improvements. More than twenty years after the competition, with the administrative hurdles of the late 1970s finally overcome, the corner of the Bank of Spain headquarters was built. The passage of time allowed for a more coherent solution, not only in terms of the construction and the connection between the two buildings, but also in terms of ornamentation, addressed through a simplification mechanism that saved the building from strict mimetic repetition.


    Corner Alcalá-Marqués de Cubas, Madrid. Spain


    Bank of Spain


    Headquarters for Bank of Spain


    Rafael Moneo


    Francisco González Peiró (Quantity surveyor)
    Julio Olóriz (project architect)
    Diego Colón de Carvajal Salís (Architect)


    Structural engineer: NB 35, Jesús Jiménez
    Mechanical Engineer: IDOM
    Quarry: Mármoles Camar
    Sculptors: Estudio de Rafael Moneo
    Francisco López Quintanilla (caryatids)


    A.C.S. (Dragados) DETECSA VOLCONSA


    4, 736 m2

  • DATE:

    Competition: 1978
    Project: 2003
    Inauguration: 2006


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